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GDC Kishtwar organised One Day Trekking

GDC Kishtwar Organised One day trekking for boys on 19-09-2018 from college premises to Kalamsatar. The trekking attended by 50 students and staff members. The staff members who accompany the students are Dr. Barket Ali, Prof. Rohit Gupta, Prof. Khail Raj, Dr. Showket and Mr. Jahangir Ahmed
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GDC Kishtwar celebrated International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day was observed in GDC Kishtwar. The program was organised by NCC unit of GDC Kishtwar. Speaking on the occasion Lieutenant Satish Thakur Associate NCC Officer GDC Kishtwar spoke on the importance of day and stressed upon the cadets and other students to add Yoga in their daily routine. Prof P.K Sharma Principal of the College was chief guest on the occasion. Prof Sharma who himself is well versed with the science of Yoga led the gathering in performing different asanas and explained the benefits of each Asana. All NCC cadets and other regular students of the college attended the program which lasted for an hour. Among others who attended the program include Prof swami Raj, Prof Vikram Rathore, Prof Munish Kumar, Prof Chander Parkash, Prof Rohit Gupta, Prof Bharat
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