College arguments lot of sports activities to encourage risk taking physical accomplishments of enrolled Students. The Physical education Department of the College prepares internal factures for various events. It, at the same time, collaborates with District level events organized by the Army or Police. Students also participate in the University tournaments. The sports facilities available with the Physical Education Department of the College are cricket football, volley ball, Kabadi, Badminton, .Kho-Kho. Chess, and Ping Pong Besides, the College also helps support in the organization of throwing events like Javelin throw, Hammer Throw, Shot Put and in Hurdles. The games which are organized with great fun & fare are Cross Country Race, Cycling, Tracking, etc. Games are regularly organized and every student is expected to take part in atleast one game. Further, to make students aware with the cultural and tradition aspect of the society they are being encouraged to participate in cultural events consisting skits, Group Songs, Group dances, painting competitions, poster making, mimicry, clay modeling, the novel feature of the campus culture wherein the student with outstanding performance is annually bestow with COLLEGE COLOURS AWARD every year. College picnic and package tours are also organized during an academic session.