(NAAC ACCREDITED 'B' GRADE)

Department Wise Detail

Department Name Year Wise Students Details Faculty Details Contact_Details HOD Image
Department of English Prof. Falak Prof. Vikram Singh 9796298298 9086282492 Prof. Falak
Department of Sanskrit Vacant
Department of Chemistry Prof. Umar Din Rather 9858684011 Prof. Umar Din Rather
Department of Botany Prof. Faisal Mushtaq Prof. Sushil Kumar 7006854715 9906192947 Prof. Faisal Mushtaq
Department of Zoology Dr Ather Hussain Prof. Romana Akhter 9596637491 9596213689 Dr Ather Hussain
Department of Physics Prof. Ajay Kumar 7051381789 Prof. Ajay Kumar
Department of Environmental Sciences Dr Sehrish Gazal 7006904472 Dr Sehrish Gazal
Department of Mathematics Dr. Madhav Ram 6005871646 Dr. Madhav Ram
Department of Fisheries vacant vacant No file Found
Department of Computer Applications Prof. Sachinjeet Singh 9858673263 Prof. Sachinjeet Singh
Department of Geography Vacant Vacant No file Found
Department of Urdu Dr Tariq Hussain Dev 9622350001 Dr Tariq Hussain Dev
Department of Education Prof. Mussarat Mushtaq Mattoo 7006128842 Prof. Mussarat Mushtaq Mattoo
Department of Economics Prof. Sarita Parihar 9858228641 Prof. Sarita Parihar
Department of Political Science Prof. Swami Raj 6005483078 Prof. Swami Raj
Department of Persian Dr Munish Kumar 9419173345 Dr Munish Kumar
Department of Hindi Dr Vijay Kumar 9622674872 Dr Vijay Kumar
Department of History Prof. Randeep kumar 8803156283 Prof. Randeep kumar
Department of Sociology Prof. Sonika Sen 9797315509 Prof. Sonika Sen
Department of Commerce Dr. Madhu Bala 7051335897 Dr. Madhu Bala