(NAAC ACCREDITED 'B' GRADE)

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The college library has a collection of over 16,000 books pertaining to a varied range of subjects being offered in the college. The library facilities are upgraded every year in terms of making available latest titles and publications on all subjects. The library also subscribes to the magazines, the newspapers and the academic Journals relating to topics of general nature and specialized fields. It has Circulation, Reference, Reprography and Browsing services with a reading room facility for about 30 students in one go. Various student support Services are also available. Library also provides Photocopier facility and newspapers reading corner to the students. Further, Automation of the books is complete enabling students to access College library with the instrument of latest technologies i.e (a) Inter Library Lane, (b) Subscription of e- books, (c) Subscription of e- journals.

Library Rules

Soon after enrollment in the College All members/ students of Degree College Kishtwar are automatically registered as members of the library with an entitlement to make use library at will.

Library annually issues Identity Cards to all bonafide students at the beginning of the academic session;

Books are issued to the students/members on production of the library borrower's card.

Students are allowed to borrow two books at a time from the library;

Books are issued for a period of seven days and a fine of one rupee per day per book is charged after the due date

Books lost or damaged by the Borrower shall have to be replaced or three times higher cost of books shall be realized in cash. The borrower should satisfy himself/herself about the sound condition of the book before leaving the counter.