• »  To create a vibrant academic ambience so that students can pursue career with passionate zeal, ardor     and intelligence.
  • »  To be in the vanguard of quality education by adopting performance oriented approach and open up      new vistas of learning to students in this age of technological development.
  • »  Inculcate the ennobling and uplifting qualities of equality, respect, value and ethics among the      students.


  • »  To develop among the students, a balanced, sensible and integrated personality to forget ahead      towards success in true sense with action wedded to honesty, sincerity, grace, dynamism, perfection      and true spirit of service.
  • »  To Encourage new practices and innovations that will prove instrumental in enhancing educational      standards.
  • »  To lead the institution on its odyssey of achieving academic excellence to meet the challenges of            modern educational trend.